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  • Shlomi Mor Avatar
    Shlomi Mor
    - Facebook

    Martin is the best man EVER... read more

    Karolina Avatar

    Very professional and reliable management company

    Ruben Avatar
    - Airbnb

    Erg fijne plek om te verblijven... read more

    Ellen Avatar
    - Airbnb

    Wij verbleven (met 4 meiden) 5... read more

  • Peter live Avatar
    Peter live
    - Google

    Cost effective management.

    Scott Avatar

    Would recommend to anyone. It's been... read more

    Nitish Matumona Avatar
    Nitish Matumona
    - Facebook

    Daniel Avatar
    - Airbnb

    We had an awesome experience in... read more

  • Ivo Avatar
    - Airbnb

    Es war fantastisch. Obwohl wir spät... read more

    Bjorn Brandt Avatar
    Bjorn Brandt
    - Facebook

    Rebecca Avatar

    Good management that take care of... read more

    Ken Avatar

    Budalet was outstanding. It has been... read more

  • Anastasya Merte Avatar
    Anastasya Merte
    - Facebook

    Fair attitude and helpful Martin:)

    Sean & Jen Avatar
    Sean & Jen
    - Airbnb

    We stayed at Marin's place for... read more

    Eve Adline Avatar
    Eve Adline
    - Facebook

    Yura Avatar
    - Airbnb

    Greate place in center of Budapesht... read more

  • Felix & Alexandra Avatar
    Felix & Alexandra
    - Airbnb

    Martin is a very nice guy... read more

    The apartment is perfectly situated, very central in a nice district within walking distance to the major sights and the danube.

    As the apartment is really spacious with 2 separate bedrooms, it's perfect even for al larger group up to 4 people. Well equipped kitchen, everything was there.

    A really great stay in a fantastic city 🙂 thanks Martin

    Ubbe Avatar
    - Airbnb

    Martin is a very friendly guy,... read more

    Miguel Avatar
    - Airbnb

    Las fotos del apartamento y la... read more

    Giovanni Avatar

    We had the pleasure to come... read more

  • Frans Avatar
    - Airbnb

    The days we´ve spend in Budapest... read more

    Garreth & Anne Avatar
    Garreth & Anne

    I am highly satisfied with the... read more

    Marco Avatar
    - Airbnb

    The apartment is very nice, quite,fresh... read more

    Dave Avatar

    we knew instantly this was a... read more

  • Diana Avatar
    - Airbnb

    Martin took his time to welcome... read more

    Bridget Avatar
    - Airbnb

    We had an absolutely terrific experience... read more

    Julien Avatar
    - Airbnb

    Flat is extremely well located in... read more

    Richard Marks Avatar
    Richard Marks
    - Google

    Most reliable agents in Budapest

  • Martin Sklarz Avatar
    Martin Sklarz
    - Facebook

    24/7 customer service

    Pietro Avatar
    - Airbnb

    As my first experience with Airbnb... read more

    Jasmin Avatar

    Rented the apartment for 3 years... read more

    Joshua Avatar
    - Airbnb

    To say Martin is an accommodating... read more

  • Alexandre Mazari Avatar
    Alexandre Mazari
    - Facebook

    Gili Mor Bareket Avatar
    Gili Mor Bareket
    - Facebook

    thank you so much for everything!... read more

    Félix Avatar
    - Airbnb

    First of all, Martin is a... read more

    Bart de Zeeuw Avatar
    Bart de Zeeuw
    - Facebook

    Got a good apartment in a... read more

  • Maiju Avatar
    - Airbnb

    Martin was great host. Very helpful... read more

    Lilla Belovai Avatar
    Lilla Belovai
    - Facebook

    Great support, kindly management, professional services,... read more

    Flora Avatar
    - Airbnb

    Nous avons adoré cet appartement !... read more

    Iulia Buruiana Avatar
    Iulia Buruiana
    - Facebook

  • Hilda Németh Avatar
    Hilda Németh
    - Facebook

    Alex Avatar

    I am thrilled with how the... read more

    Amir Abdi Avatar
    Amir Abdi
    - Facebook

    professional, friendly and very helpful. Highly... read more

    Chris Avatar

    I just wanted to say how... read more

  • Hong Avatar
    - Airbnb

    Martin is a professional housing manager.... read more

    Sharon Avatar
    - Airbnb

    The place was big and spaces.... read more

    Jorge Avatar

    I can only recommend them for... read more

    Jane Winword Avatar
    Jane Winword
    - Facebook

  • Orsi Eszter Molnar Avatar
    Orsi Eszter Molnar
    - Facebook

    Timothy Avatar

    I have been using them for... read more

    Reka Tecsy Avatar
    Reka Tecsy
    - Facebook

    Petra Egervari Avatar
    Petra Egervari
    - Facebook

  • Niels Avatar
    - Airbnb

    Our stay at the appartment was... read more

    瑾 Avatar
    - Airbnb


    Matthew Avatar
    - Airbnb

    Excellent experience, Martin was extremely welcoming... read more

    Alyssa Avatar
    - Airbnb

    We had a wonderful stay in... read more

  • Lucy James Avatar
    Lucy James
    - Facebook

    Christopher Avatar

    I would recommend Budalet for your... read more

    BudaLet Group Avatar
    BudaLet Group
    - Google

    Professional and reliable management

    Albert Avatar

    Couldn't ask for any better property... read more

  • Be Li Avatar
    Be Li
    - Facebook

    Mikołaj Avatar
    - Airbnb

    Martin was a great host. ... read more

    Fiona Stils Avatar
    Fiona Stils
    - Google

    Renovation was done to the highest... read more

    Tomás Avatar
    - Airbnb

    Martin was a great Host. Aways... read more


  • Elsa Avatar
    - Airbnb

    Martin is a really good host.... read more

    Aharon Avatar

    Great service during the management and... read more

    Sklarz Martin D. Avatar
    Sklarz Martin D.
    - Google

    Billing and support complete solutions

    Polly Avatar
    - Airbnb

    This was a brilliant flat, had... read more

  • Csongor Avatar
    - Airbnb

    The apartment was perfect for our... read more

    Romain Lgd Crrt Avatar
    Romain Lgd Crrt
    - Facebook

    Raymond Burns Avatar
    Raymond Burns
    - Google

    Thanks you for the upgrade done... read more

    Iryna Avatar
    - Airbnb

    Martin is a very friendly, reliable... read more

  • Lora Avatar

    Thank you for 7 great years... read more

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